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NOVAtime HandPunch 1000 or 1000E Biometric Time Clock Terminal

Time Clock World is dedicated to offering you


Our Low Price Guarantee promises...

*We meet and usually BEAT
any price quote for the same
configured NOVAtime
product or system*

* (unfortunately some restrictions apply, including but not limited to - some areas within the United States and Canada have protected distributorships for this product and we are unable to offer our Low Price Guarantee in these regional areas - copy of quotation from a authorized reseller must be presented prior to purchase)

FREE Download:    NOVAtime HP1000 / HP1000E Biometric HandPunch Clock Terminal Brochure

TERMINAL ONLY - does not include software

Note: this terminal must be installed as part of an existing NOVAtime 1000 system with appropriate configuration installed.  
It will not work on its own or with other software.


Product Description

The NOVAtime HandPunch 1000 or 1000E captures employees' identities in less than one second, based on the unique size and shape of their hands. The NOVAtime HandPunch 1000 provides a quick return on investment by eliminating the cost associated with administrating and managing traditional time cards.

Features and Benefits


HP1000 Biometric Time Clock Terminal
- HP1000 HandPunch with 50 employee capacity
(upgradeable to 512 (100) employees at time of purchase only)
- Verification time is less than 1 second
- Handles Employee IDs from 1 to 999,999,999
- RS232 communications (9-pin serial port or USB slot [with addition of optional serial to USB adapter])
- Internal passive lithium battery backup retains time and settings during power failure
- Optional Analog Modem for phone line communications is available


HP1000E Biometric Time Clock Terminal

- HP1000E HandPunch with 100 employee capacity
- Verification time is less than 1 second
- Handles Employee IDs from 1 to 999,999,999
- Ethernet (TCP/IP protocol) communications
- Internal passive lithium battery backup retains time and settings during power failure


How a HandPunch works:
Every hand is unique. The HandPunch takes over 90 measurements of the length, width, thickness, and surface area of the hand and fingers - all in just 1 second. The technology uses a 32,000-pixel CCD digital camera to record the hand's three-dimensional shape from silhouetted images projected within the HandPunch.

The HandPunch disregards surface details, such as fingerprints, lines, scars, dirt, as well as fingernails, which may grow or be cut from day to day (addition of nail extension excluded). Because the HandPunch uses the unique shape of the users hand to verify identity, it can be used in machine shops, factories, manufacturing plants, and almost any industrial environment where fingerprint biometrics would not work properly. During enrollment, which takes approximately 30 seconds, the internal HandPunch processor and software convert the hand image to a 9-byte mathematical template, which is the average of the three readings.

When a person uses the HandPunch, it compares the shape of the user's hand to a template recorded during an enrollment session. If the template and the hand match, the HandPunch produces an a transaction record. The user's template may reside in internal memory of the HandPunch, who's employee capacity is independent of the time and attendance software's employee capacity. (check unit's specifications and optional memory upgrade option for larger employee capacity upgrades).

Among biometric technologies, hand geometry has the highest user acceptance. With the highest level of accuracy and ease of use, the HandPunch has become the most widely accepted biometric technology in use today.

Product Specifications


Transaction Storage: 5120 transactions (cleared when downloaded to time and attendance software)
Product Height:        11.65 inches
Product Width:           8.85 inches
Product Depth:           8.55 inches
Product Weight:         6.00 lbs.
Display Type:            Digital
Battery Back Up:       Yes passive lithium battery is standard
(optional full battery backup is an added option)
Voltage:                    120 volts  50/60 MHz

Warranty Information

NOVAtime offers a one-year manufacturer's limited warranty. Warranty does not include consumable parts.  With few exceptions, all are return to depot for service.  User must pay for shipping to depot.  Repaired products will be returned with shipping charges prepaid.

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