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Small Black Metal Mounting Box for Time Clock Terminal

Your Price: $125.00

Product Description

Time Clock World mounting boxes are made of heavy-duty steel and come with a security lock to help deter tampering with the clock terminals power and communication connections. It's open back allows for the mounting box to be placed over a power outlet and incoming communication wires for a clean and neat display of the time clock terminal.  If power is not able to be located directly behind the mounting box, the mounting box has feeder holes in the bottom that allow for power and communication cords to be run up into the back of the clock unit.

Time Clock World mounting boxes are designed to be mounted on a wall (but can just as readily be used on a table top surface) with a slight "slant" so that when employees view the clock terminal on the mounting box they do not have to look straight on at the clock, but rather in a more natural and easier to read position.  Dimensions shown below show the top depth and bottom depth of the mounting box and consideration should be taken when measuring for this as the bottom of the clock and mounting box will protrude further out than the top.

NOTE: Only clock terminal models shown below are confirmed to work with this mounting box - use for any other clock terminals is at consumer's risk

Product Specifications


Product Height:      7.25 inches
Product Width:     10.38 inches
Product Depth:      2.00 inches at the top  3.50 inches at the bottom
Product Weight:    3.31 lbs.

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