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PCSignals USA TASC (Time and Signal Controller) Unit

Your Price: $499.99

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FREE Download:    PCSignals USA TASC (Time and Signal Controller) Unit Brochure

Product Description

The TASC Unit from PC Signals USA is the most innovative, cost effective, and dynamic time and signal controller on the market. It's compact design and powerful built-in application make this unit a popular replacement for the older, over-sized, master clock units of days gone bye. Simply plug the TASC unit into an Ethernet connection and access the application within the unit via any web browser.  Straight forward configuration allows for dynamic scheduling across up to 4 circuit relays.  Run your wired synchronous system wall clocks with the same unit that rings your bells and/or horns. You can even utilize this unit to turn lights on and off.

The TASC unit can be configured to receive time synchronizations from any server via Ethernet, thus allowing for time to be accurate to your local or specified NTP server's time.  If remote installation is required, the TASC unit can ensure to maintain accurate time through its built in antenna to receive the WWVB signal from NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) which broadcasts time synchronization signals everyday via AM radio signals.

Simply put, the TASC Unit is the most powerful and cost effect Master Clock unit on the market today. Check out more about PCSignals USA and it's TASC Unit by clicking here

Features and Benefits


- Simple and easy to use programming interface
- Synchronizes time with NTP servers thru Ethernet connection and/or WWVB signal from NIST
- Programmed thru any Web Browser - no software needed as application is contained with unit
- Application is protected with definable password access
- Three LED lights on unit indicate Synchronization and Unit Status
- DHCP or Static IP Ethernet connectivity (discovery application available for ease of configuration)
- Activation date allows for scheduling of “irregular” schedules
- Flexible Scheduling by Day of Week
- 4 dry contact, 10 amp relay circuits
- 8 levels of scheduling per relay
- 32 events per level
- Definable 1 to 32 second durations
- Online Help via internet thru TASC Unit application
- One Year Warranty

Product Specifications


Product Height:     3.80 inches
Product Width:      6.50 inches
Product Depth:      1.38 inches
Product Weight:    0.75 lbs.
Display Type:        N/A
Voltage:                120 volts  50/60 MHz
Outputs:                  4 - 10 amp dry contact circuits

Warranty Information

PCSignals USA offers a one-year manufacturer's limited warranty.  Warranty does not include consumable parts.  With few exceptions, all are return to depot for service.  User must pay for shipping to depot.  Repaired products will be returned with shipping charges prepaid.

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