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Isgus 2030 Conscutive Print or Basic Calculating Time Clock


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FREE Download:    Isgus Perfect 2030 Basic Totaling Time Clock Brochure
Download Currently Not Available:    Isgus Perfect 2030 Basic Totaling Time Clock User Manual

Product Description

The Isgus Perfect 2030 Basic Totaling Time Clock is an "perfect" solution for your time keeping needs. The 2030 is one of the most versatile clocks available allowing for user definable two or four column punch configuration with or without totals. Flexible programming and calculating options coupled with it's ease of programming, user-friendly interface, and minimum maintenance requirements make the Isgus Perfect 2030 a popular choice for many companies.

The Isgus 2030 basic calculating time recorder comes standard with XXX employee capacity and can handle virtually any pay period allowing over 100 In / Out punches per time card.  The Isgus 2030 can help eliminate costly mistakes that come as a result of adding up time cards manually and can also reduce non-productive time spent every week doing so. The 2040 time attendance clock will provide you with time card totals that reflect your workplace rules.

Features and Benefits


- Accommodates up to XXX employees
- Totals employee times right on the time card
- Calculates hours daily and weekly according to company pay rules

- User programmable date-time-year format
- NO overtime calculations
- Helps monitor forgotten punches and eliminate double punches
- Definable rounding of punches
- Automatic deduction of fixed meal/break times
- Accommodates most end of day and crossing midnight occurrences
- User programmable two-color printing
- Perpetual internal calendar automatically adjusts for long / short months, leap year, and daylight saving times
- Quartz controlled and battery-buffered real-time clock with Time, Day, and Date on large LCD display
- Easy-to-change ribbon cartridge
- Internal passive lithium battery backup protects punches and setting during power loss
- Optional add-ons include:
     * External relay board for bell / horn signaling
     * full operational battery backup
(for up to 300 punches during power outage)
     * Master clock output board
     * Slave clock input board

Product Specifications


Product Height:    11.00 inches
Product Width:      8.70 inches
Product Depth:      7.70 inches
Product Weight:    6.60 lbs.
Display Type:        Digital
Battery Back Up:   Yes (passive lithium is standard - full operational battery backup is an added option)
Voltage:                115 volts  50/60 MHz

Warranty Information

Isgus offers a one-year manufacturer's limited warranty  Warranty does not include consumable parts.  With few exceptions, all are return to depot for service.  User must pay for shipping to depot.  Repaired products will be returned with shipping charges prepaid.

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