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250VA 25V+25V Toroidal Transformer

Your Price: $75.00

Only 6 in Stock

Product Description

This transformer is used to power multiple Horns/Bells in a series along a run.

Power transformers offer exceptional value and performance for use in any high-quality power supply. All Y23 transformers are wound with heavy gauge copper and are wrapped with polyester tape. Meeting all major industry standards, these include double-insulated primary leads and a mounting kit with plate, pads, nut, and bolt. Other features include: 3% secondary tolerance at full load, 6" stranded copper leads with PVC insulation, and UL506/ CSA 22.2 and CE certifications

Specifications: • Primaries: 115V + 115V • Frequency: 50/60 Hz • Load Capacity: 250 VA • Secondary Voltage: 25V + 25V • Dimensions: 4.5" D x 2.0" H  • Weight: 4.9 lbs.

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