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NOVAtime 1000 SBE with PCKey-In

List Price: $249.00

Your Price: Starting at $199.99

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NOVAtime 1000 SBE with PCKey-In Module:

  *  NOVAtime 1000 SBExpress software
  *  NOVAtime PCKey-IN Module
  *  Quick Start Reference Guide with Online Help


FREE Download:    NOVAtime 1000 PCKey-IN Software Brochure

FREE Download:    NOVAtime 1000 Small Business Edition (SBE) Software Brochure

FREE Download:    NOVAtime 1000 Sample Reports Booklet

Product Description

The NOVAtime 1000 SBE (Small Business Edition) with PCKey-In is ideal for companies that want a completely software based time collection and administration software package. The NOVAtime 1000 SBE with PCKey-In Module requires employees to simply punch in their employee number at an authorized computer that has access to the time and attendance software database. 

Ideally, the NOVAtime 1000 SBE with PCKey-In system is installed on a local area network (LAN) and any workstation with access to the drive and proper access rights, can utilize the PCKey-In Module for employee punching. 
(It is NOT recommended to utilize this software in a wide area network (WAN) or virtual private network (VPN) environment - doing so is not supported through our tech support plans)

The NOVAtime 1000 SBE software comes in three choices accommodating 25, 50, or 100 employees and can be easily upgraded as your company size and needs grow, The base package comes with a 25 active employee license (and an unlimited number of inactive employees), with hundreds of shifts, pay codes, pay categories, pay policies, departments, job task levels, and more to give you
THE most configurable and flexible small business time and attendance software system anywhere.

The NOVAtime 1000 SBE with NT300 Time Clock Terminal system includes everything you need to get started tracking your employees with reliable badge punch transacting and powerful time and attendance software. In addition, the NOVAtime SBE software gives you the tools to better manage your labor force delivering confidence to management and fairness to employees through consistent unbiased enforcement of pay policies, audit trails of your employee time punches; with easy access to report on them as needed for any labor audits or labor disputes, and reduced administrative costs with increased employee productivity.

Plus much more...

Features and Benefits




- Single PC or networkable multi-user software all inclusive (install the way you want that best fits your company's needs)
- Windows®-based system
(Windows® Vista, XP, NT, and 2000)
- Accommodates 25 employees
(upgradeable to 50 or 100 employees)
- Unlimited multi-user access
- Password security for login protects sensitive employee data
- Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods
- Automatic overtime calculation
(daily, weekly, 6th and 7th consecutive day, and more)
- Pay interval (punch or totals) rounding to 5, 6, 10, 15, or 30 minutes with definable break points
- Easy full "point & click" punch editing
- Built-in easy data backup and restore feature for all your settings and data
- Configurable auto-deduct for meal/break
- Three group levels
(i.e. Facility, Department, Job Task) for employee sorting and filtering in software and on reports
- Powerful and Flexible Report Generator with File Export (XLS, CSV, TXT, PDF)
- Numerous (30+) standard and configurable reports
- In / Out Board to display employee' current In / Out status and last punch times
- Track employee benefit hours including sick hours, vacation hours, etc.
- Built-In Benefit Banking feature to track and alert if employees exceed allotted accrued hours
- System Navigator to guide you through the daily, payroll, monthly and annual procedures
- Payroll export for QuickBooks®, Peachtree®, ADP®, Paychex® and more


System Navigator

The exclusive built-in System Navigator within the NOVAtime 100 SBE software; will assist you through all the steps necessary to successfully implement and maintain your NOVAtime Time and Attendance system; of course, Time Clock World offers personalized assistance for those who may want or need the additional help.

The System Navigator, which guides users through a step by step flow-chart-style screen for setting up their system, also serves as a central starting point once the system is implemented allowing a user to gain access to their most common operations. The System Navigator has 6 areas covering Daily, Monthly, and Annual recommended procedures along with a New Hire, Payroll Procedure, and "Easy Setup Interview" (System Configuration) procedure area.


Employee Management

Setting up employees could not be simpler. Information can be imported from an existing payroll or accounting system or manually key-in at the conveniently formatted entry screen. Whichever way you choose, it only takes a few steps.

Up to 3 levels of employee groups can be defined (facility, department, job task are the defaults) to allow easy filtering of employees on reports by groups as well as hours worked in each specific group.

Although only a few fields of information are required by the software to operate, the NOVAtime 1000 SBE software is dynamic and versatile being able to also handle variable pay rates, detailed personal information, and a convenient Accrual Banking tool to keep track of benefit hours such as Vacation and Sick Leave used by each employee.


Timesheet Management

Collected punch data is presented on an electronic timesheet to allow easy review of IN and OUT punches as well as total hours worked for the day, week, or pay period.

The NOVAtime 1000 SBE software provides all the tools to quickly and easily find and fix exceptions that require editing such as missed punches, absentees, unauthorized overtime, etc.  Actual work hours are compared with the assigned shift schedule for each day, and automatically flags punch exceptions such as early in, tardy, early out, late out, long meal, and many more.


Report Management

The NOVAtime 1000 SBE software's Report Generator is built with SQL-Based technology. With numerous field selectors and the most flexible sorting criteria, multiple data fields and filters allow users to customize reports for their specific sorting and data inclusion/exclusion needs. All this flexibility provides a dynamic reporting environment that makes the NOVAtime 1000 SBE software the strongest Small Business Time and Attendance software on the market.
The NOVAtime 1000 SBE reports help you avoid unauthorized overtime, track employee status, control departmental costs, monitor staffing and much more  Report data can be previewed on the screen or sent to a printer. In addition, NOVAtime 1000 SBE can export report data in several file formats such as Microsoft Excel, CSV (comma separated values), DBF (data base file), TXT (text), and PDF (Adobe Acrobat Writer required) format.


In / Out Board

The IN / OUT Board is a powerful and valuable tool to instantly find out which employees are currently clocked IN or OUT, or even on vacation, sick, etc. It is easy to use and can be viewed in many combinations. Managers, Receptionists, and Security personnel can instantly obtain the information needed with just a few keystrokes.

The IN/Out Board allows you to easily and quickly determine who's IN and who's OUT at any given moment.  Numerous viewing options are available for the IN/OUT Board, such as viewing by Employee ID, Employee Name, Last Punch Time, or by group of employees under a specific Department or Job. You can also select to view a group of employees based on their current status (IN, OUT, Sick, Vacation, Meal, etc.)


Pay Rules Management

The problem of time management is universal, but each industry has a different issue to be addressed. The NOVAtime 1000 SBE software is the most versatile and accommodating Small Business Time and Attendance software on the market.

The strong Policy Management allows up to 5 different pay policy rules to calculate hours for different groups of employees. Several punch rounding rules and total hours rounding can be easily defined to accommodate your company's requirements. Overtime calculations can be defined after a predefined number of worked hours daily, weekly, biweekly, as well as for holidays, weekends, consecutive days, days off, etc. with up to two different overtime multipliers.


Payroll Management

The NOVAtime SBE 1000 features an exporting capability that is compatible with most major payroll systems and services (over 40 standard payroll interfaces included with over 200 more to choose from [call for pricing and availability if not listed below].

Payroll Bridge Modules included free within the NOVAtime 1000 SBE software include:

ABRA version 2 Payroll ADP Payroll Advantage Payroll Bridge
Advantage TimeTrak Payroll AmeriPay Payroll Attache Payroll
CBS P/R Premium Pay CBS Payroll Ceridian Payroll
CheckMark Payroll CompuPay Payroll E-CHX Payroll
Execupay Time Payroll Fidelity Electronic Payroll Gevity Payroll
Heartland Payroll Helix Payroll HRPS / ScorPEO Payroll
Inn Control Payroll InterPay Payroll Mangrove - HR2O Payroll
MicroPay Payroll Millennium MPI Payroll MYOB Payroll
NOVAtime Standard Payroll PayChex Payroll PaycomOnline Payroll
PAYCOR Payroll Paylink V7 Payroll Payroll Associates Payroll
PBI - Paychoice Payroll PCS Payroll PeachTree Payroll
PrimePay Payroll Q3 Payroll QuickBooks Payroll
Quick Pay PRO 6 RAPID Payroll SyBiz Payroll
TimberLine Payroll Wells Fargo Payroll WINPAY Payroll


System Requirements


- PC with Pentium® II 400 MHZ or higher
- 128 megabytes of RAM
- 500 MB of free space on the PC's hard drive
- Monitor and video card capable of 800 x 600, 256 SVGA resolution
- Mouse or other pointing device
- Windows® Vista Business or Enterprise, Windows XP Professional,  Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Professional
- Attached printer for hard copy reports

Warranty Information

NOVAtime offers a one-year manufacturer's limited warranty.  Warranty does not include consumable parts.  With few exceptions, all are return to depot for service.  User must pay for shipping to depot.  Repaired products will be returned with shipping charges prepaid.